Packaging & Signing

Our digital printers specially designed for packaging & signing are equipped with a vacuum system to fix the position of the piece during the printing process, and a high precision encoder system to synchronise the conveyance with the drops of ink propelled from the printheads.

Panels up to 630mm

The printers can directly print digital images with a single pass, and without contact, on multiple substrates and at an industrial level.
Maximum width 630 mm
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Corrugated Cardboard

The special features of this innovating concept increases the variety of products to endless limits, as well as gaining flexibility and reducing production costs. You will be able to print your orders "just in time", without needing to store finished products. Because the designs are based on a digitalised image, it can be edited as often as necessary without causing additional costs.
Offer totally customised products and easily adapt your printing business to the latest market trends.
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