Our control software

The machine control software, developed by Barberán, has been designed to intuitively administrate the totality of the printing operations, converting a highly complex machine into a system that is simple to handle.

From the same screen the user send the orders to the machinery, as well as manage large digital images, create the work queues and perform both printing and maintenance processes.

However, the most beneficial feature for your production system is the diversity of printing modes this software offers. The multitude of modes and their combinations mean the machine can adapt to your production needs and integrate into previously existing lines.
  • The possibility to print pieces in a continuous manner (reel fed machines) or individual pieces. You will be able to change images at any speed, keeping only a 10-mm gap between the pieces.
  • Sequence, random or cyclic printing
  • Virtual Roller: You will be able to ensure that no 2 pieces in the same batch will be printed alike.
  • Work orders are automatically completed by number of pieces or manually.
  • Integration with the work mode of the feeding or the stacking system on the line.
  • Multiple printing of up to 4 pieces. The system makes it possible to divide the width of the machine into independent sub-printers (a maximum of 4) that can work simultaneously. As a result, the machine can maintain the same production capacity even when printing narrow pieces.

CMYK monitor

The Jetmaster Series have the added value of being able to monitor and control the printer´s production in practically real time from any part of the world. By using Cloud technologies and in a totally secure manner, you can keep up to date with the work load and operations of the Jetmaster Series, by viewing the infographics, which are so valuable for managing your company:

  • Production and number of prints in the last 24 hours
  • Ink consumed per colour with graphic representation
  • Detailed productivity analysis
  • Detailed ink consumption analysis
The current trend within the segment of industrial printers is about control and automation. Access to data of the machines is of great importance in order to studied and plan preventive actions and maintenance in order to be more efficient. The print data are encrypted and sent to a secure server belonging to Barberán S.A, which is used to offer you the Cloud service for your convenience. The features of Cloud technology are:

  • No added costs of infrastructure for your organization
  • Personalised access control
  • Reports are available in real time from any location
  • Automatically take advantage of the new reports and versions of the application that are developed

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