• UV inks are 100% solid
  • Fast drying through a photochemical process
  • Low migration inks for food market
  • Fits all types of paper
  • Humidity rate has no influence on drying
  • Less waste generated, no water needed for cleaning
  • Brighter colors, exceptional color fastness & consistency and superior gloss grade

Optical performance

Due to the exceptional gloss and powerful Chroma of specially formulated inks from different suppliers, images printed on the Jetmaster give new sensations: deep blacks and shiny colors that make images vivid.
A paradigm shift without high expenses on inks and tools.


Even comparing with standard photo profiles, color gamut of Jetmaster printer assures a wide range of possibilities. Inside color gamut, dE<3 is achievable by using Jetmaster Calibration Tools supplied with the machine. Your team will be trained to use and understand these tools by the Jetmaster Team in our facilities in Barcelona, in order to explore all possibilities of the machine.

Patented pinning technology

Ensuring pinning of ink drops and enables a perfect control over the drop expansion & penetration.
With 360 dpi per color and 4 grey levels, the Jetmaster printer is capable to print really sharp images and texts with the accuracy of the thickness of a hair. UV inks and its drying process ensures also the correct size of each drop, by keeping ink in its place while printing and controlling dot expansion and color mixing.

Slide from roll to roll for PVC panels up to 630 mm panels up to 1890 mm

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