Jetmaster 350-FC

Flexibility as regards use with all kinds of paper and weighing. The Jetmaster 350 F-C prints UV inks, which dry quickly and print on paper of low quality and/or weight, with an excellent printing quality. With a printing width of between 50 and 350mm, it can print in up to 40 m/min, and print+lacquer in up to 30 m/min.


Perfect finishes

New UV roller lacquering machine for paper coils, equipped with a synthetic rubber roller. Closed chamber coating system for a precise application in normal and reverse mode. Perfect for any grammage of paper printed with Jetmaster 210, UV curing tunnel integrated with a work speed up to 30 m/min.



The creation of digital image files enables you to join several designs into one to optimize the coil width. For example, you can print 5 designs of 60 mm width with a crop mark for its subsequent cutting onto a 350 mm coil. Thus, you will be able to reduce the number of different types of foil coils. Use the same coil width to print multiple designs of different sizes.

How does it work?
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Paneles de hasta 630mm
Ofrece soluciones personalizadas a tus clientes en línea con las tendencias del mercado de la mano de Jetmaster. Sus características mejoran la productividad y aseguran un acabado extraordinario.
Paneles de hasta 1890mm
Para proyectos de gran formato, Jetmaster ofrece una solución sencilla, rápida y de alta calidad, complementado con un software intuitivo y potente.
Corrugated cardboard
Imprime imágenes directamente con una impresora single-pass sobre diversos substratos. La ausencia de contacto permite la producción de tiradas a nivel industrial.

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