Custom Packaging LP qualified “G7 Master” with Barberan Jetmaster 1680

Custom Packaging LP has achieved the level of “G7 Master” Qualification by Idealliance® for corrugated with its new digital single pass press: Barberan Jetmaster. The “G7 Master” Qualification identifies the control capacity in the graphic production process, guaranteeing the quality and color consistency accurately. An international certification that is essential in the reproduction on different printing substrates to ensure the customers brand integrity.

Custom Packaging LP applied for the “G7 Master” Certification, last January, with the tests that were carried out with its new Barberán Jetmaster 1680 printer, during the acceptance time that took place at the Barberán facilities in Castelldefels, Barcelona. In the process involved experts in colorimetry along with the specialists of Custom Packaging and Barberán. Tests were done on different substrates, which included both coated and Kraft paper, supplied by Custom Packaging.
The new Barberan Jetmaster 1680, 6 colors printer (CMYK + Orange + Violet) purchased by Custom Packaging LP will be installed at Lebanon facilities, Tennessee, in March.