1.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale have been drafted following the recommendations of AFEMMA (Spanish
Association of Machinery for Wood) and non-profit European association EUMABOIS.
1.2. The Agreement to be executed by and between BARBERAN, S.A. (“the seller”) and the purchaser of one of its products
(“the machinery”) shall be a sale agreement, notwithstanding any additional services which, as the case may be, the
purchaser (“the purchaser”) and the seller may freely agree upon.
1.3. The signature of the established order and the start of manufacturing works without any protest from the purchaser
shall entail the latter’s acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions. The seller shall duly inform the purchaser of
these Terms’ existence and shall have them available for the purchaser at its facilities and in its website,


2.1. The sale agreement shall be considered executed when the seller receives the order for the machinery signed. The
order implies the acceptance of the seller’s previous quotation and binds the purchaser to pay the amount indicated
therein, as down-payment of the price (“the advance”), in addition to the obligations deriving from the sale agreement.
2.2. The seller’s initial quotations (should there be more than one), the purchaser’s quotation requests and the
correspondence between the parties shall be relevant items to construe the agreement whenever necessary.
2.3. In order to be valid, any change, alteration or amendment to the sale agreement shall require written confirmation
by a designated person with sufficient power, of both the seller and the purchaser.
2.4. The purpose of the agreement is the sale of the machinery. It is understood that any other service, such as the
fitting, set up and tune-up or the supply of materials, is not included, unless the purchaser has requested any of such
accessory services and the seller has consented expressly and in writing to provide them. The provision of accessory
services, as the case may be, shall not alter the sale agreement legal nature.


3.1. The weights, dimensions, capacities, prices, performance and other details indicated in catalogues, brochures,
notices, advertising prints and price lists of the seller are merely
illustrative and shall not have a mandatory or binding nature, unless the quotation accepted expressly refers to them.
3.2. The plans and technical documents for the full or partial manufacturing of the machinery, sent to the purchaser
before or after the sale agreement execution, shall remain the exclusive property of the seller and may not without its
authorisation be used, copied, reproduced, transferred or disclosed to third parties by the purchaser.
3.3. At the purchaser’s request, and upon the agreement execution, the seller shall provide the purchaser with illustrations
and drawings other than those relating to the machinery manufacture, but sufficiently detailed to allow the fitting,
commissioning, use and maintenance of the machinery.


4.1. It shall not be included in the quoted prices.
4.2. It will be sufficient to avoid machinery damage upon transportation to its destination.
4.3. It may not be returned to the seller.


5.1. Once the seller has received the advance, the purchaser shall be entitled to examine and supervise the machinery
manufacture process, for which purpose, upon agreement with the seller concerning the date and time, the purchaser
may visit the seller’s facilities to examine such process.
5.2. In such visit, the seller shall provide to the purchaser any relevant explanations and shall respond to any doubts and
issues which may arise concerning the purchased machinery manufacture process.
5.3. Reception tests shall always be performed at the seller’s site during normal working hours. Should the technical
specifications not be specified in the agreement, the tests shall be performed in accordance with the practices usually
followed by the seller.
5.4. Once the manufacture process is completed, the seller shall summon the purchaser to perform the operation tests.
Once the tests have been completed, the parties shall sign an acceptance protocol, in which the seller shall record, as
the case may be, any observations or any reasons preventing, in its judgment, the acceptance and delivery. Lacking any
indication, it shall be understood that the machinery works satisfactorily, that the purchaser has
understood the use instructions and that the formal delivery from the seller to the purchaser has taken place.
5.5. Should the purchaser not be willing to attend the tests, or not attend the appointment without justification, it may
request to be sent a report with the outcome of the tests. After 48 hours, should there be no objection to the report, it
shall be understood that the machinery is compliant, and there shall be no other possibility of making claims or requests
to the seller, except concerning anything deriving from the guarantee under section 10.
5.6. Unless specified to the contrary, any expenses incurred for tests shall be borne by the seller, except for the purchaser
representatives’ personal expenses and any material that both parties consider necessary by mutual agreement.
5.7. Upon delivery, the purchaser shall settle the price agreed, net of the amount paid as an advance.
5.8. Should the parties have agreed on any accessory services, such as fitting, tune-up and set up at the purchaser
address, upon provision of such services a commissioning protocol shall be signed, for which the provisions under 5.4
shall apply. In any case, the fact that the commissioning protocol is signed or not shall not affect the delivery, which in
any case shall have taken place in accordance with the acceptance protocol. The purchaser, in particular, may not limit
or condition in any way whatsoever the purchase effectiveness (which shall render all its effects) to the outcome of the
commissioning protocol.
5.9. Should it be so specified in the quotation, after the tests, the purchaser –with any technicians it may designate–
shall be entitled to receive training at the seller’s site.


6.1. Risk shall be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery, as per sections 5.4 and 5.5.
6.2. The seller shall indicate to the purchaser the machinery delivery date, so that the purchaser takes delivery of it. Such
communication shall be made by any means, although preferably in writing, with sufficient prior notice so that the
purchaser may take the measures which are usually necessary in those circumstances. Transportation and insurance shall
be borne by the purchaser, unless agreed otherwise.


7.1. Prices are net for the machinery ex-works delivery. Any accessory expenses, especially for transportation and
insurance, shall be borne by the purchaser, which shall also bear any taxes accrued to the seller.
7.2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, commissioning expenses (should this accessory service be contracted), as well
any expenses for subsequent repairs, shall be borne by the purchaser, save as provided concerning the guarantee term.


8.1. The delivery terms for the machinery shall start on the later of:
a) The agreement execution date, as per section or term 2.
b) The date on which the seller actually receives the advance.
8.2. Any delay by the purchaser in the supply of elements, information or documentation which may be necessary for the
order execution (start of manufacture) shall discharge the seller of incurring in non-compliance.
8.3. Furthermore, the delivery term shall be suspended upon the occurrence of any hindrances that are not under the
seller’s control, either at the seller’s own working sites, at the purchaser’s site or at third-party sites when relevant. Such
hindrances include but are not limited to the following ones: epidemics, social action, war, revolution, service disruptions,
accidents, labour conflicts such as strikes, delayed, defective or very complicated supply of raw materials and semifinished
products, unforeseeable price rise of such raw materials or semi-finished products, waste of important parts,
official measures, catastrophes and any other which may be assimilated to the abovementioned.
8.4. Unless expressly agreed, no penalties for non-compliance with the delivery term by the seller shall be admitted.
8.5. Should such penalty be agreed upon, the purchaser shall be entitled, upon having made a claim in writing and with
a reasonable prior notice, to the penalty enforcement, unless it may be inferred from the existing circumstances that the
purchaser has suffered no harm whatsoever.
8.6. The penalty agreed for non-compliance with the delivery term may not be over 0.25% for each week of delay, with
a maximum of 5% of the purchase price amount. Should the delivery term exceed six months, the first four weeks shall
be exempted from penalty. The penalty agreed shall exclude any other damage claim, as well as the agreement


9.1. Payments shall be understood to be in Euro, unless a different currency is specified.
9.2. The advance shall not constitute a deposit authorising the parties to terminate the agreement, it rather has a
confirming nature of the executed purchase.
9.3. The purchaser may not unilaterally withhold or reduce the payments due to claims and demands filed, neither on
account of debit notes, even if they have been acknowledged and accepted by the seller. The payments may also not be
unilaterally amended due to lack of accessory parts or to subsequent works performed by the seller.
9.4. In case of delay in the compliance of the payment obligations agreed, the seller may charge to the purchaser the
relevant interests in arrears, which shall be calculated at the current three-month Euribor rate plus 3 points.
9.5. Should the delivery of the machine occur before the purchaser has paid the price in full, such machinery shall legally
remain in retention of title until the purchaser settles the full amount of the price agreed. In case of delay by the purchaser
for more than a reasonable term, upon demand in writing, the seller may choose to terminate the agreement, recover
the ownership of the machinery and claim from the purchaser any damages endured. The seller may withhold as the case
may be the price received on account of the damages endured, when these are higher and there is an evidence of their
9.6. Should deferred payment terms be agreed with the purchaser, the failure to settle two of the terms shall result in all
others being considered due and immediately payable.
9.7. In case of temporary receivership, bankruptcy, insolvency or meeting of creditors of the purchaser, and should the
purchaser not offer the necessary guarantees for the assurance of its obligations, the seller may also terminate the
agreement and recover the ownership of the machinery.


10.1. The seller shall be bound to correct any operation defect coming from any design, material or manufacture flaw,
with the limitations set forth by the provisions below.
10.2. This obligation concerns only the guarantee term, that shall cover defects originating within the year following the
machinery delivery, for a maximum eight-hour daily use. In any case, travel and maintenance expenses of the technicians
transferred shall be invoiced to the purchaser, as per the seller’s official rates.
10.3. Any repairs made during the guarantee term shall not extend such term, except concerning renovated or
replacement parts, which shall be guaranteed under the same terms and conditions as the original machinery and for a
one-year guarantee term.
10.4. The seller’s responsibility shall only be incurred for flaws arising in the operation conditions foreseen in the
agreement and as long as the machinery has been correctly used. It shall not apply to any defects the cause of which is
subsequent to the delivery (and unconnected to the seller), neither to cases of incorrect use, incorrect set up by the
purchaser, changes without the seller’s written consent, inadequate repairs made by the purchaser or third parties or
normal wear and tear.
10.5. Since the seller’s machinery is a technologically advanced product with a sophisticated operation, the purchaser
accepts that, for correct operation, it shall be essential to follow the seller’s instructions and invest in the adequate
training of its operators. Incorrect operation or non-operation due to the purchaser’s failure to comply with such
requirements may never be attributed to the seller.
10.6. Concerning the parts, components or pieces of the machinery not manufactured by the seller, the seller’s
responsibility shall be limited to the manufacturer’s guarantee.
10.7. If a machinery is manufactured by the seller according to the construction specifications, drawings or models
provided by the purchaser, the seller shall not be liable for the construction technical value or the operation of the whole,
but for the fact of having performed it in observance of the purchaser’s indications. Should industrial property rights be
infringed in such cases, the purchaser shall take charge of any third-party claim, duly indemnifying the seller.
10.8. Repair works, as well as any amendments or constructions performed by the seller in used or third-party
manufactured products, shall not be guaranteed.
10.9. Replaced defective parts shall be at the seller’s disposal.
10.10. It is expressly agreed that the seller shall not indemnify the purchaser for accidents or damages to persons or
property other than those under the agreement purpose, or loss of profit.
10.11. Technical assistance shall be governed, as the case may be, by the provisions in the seller’s quotation.
10.12. At the purchaser’s request, the seller may try to diagnose machinery problems or respond to purchaser’s queries.
For such purpose, a technician from BARBERAN, S.A. may access the machinery computing system through remote
connection and check its operation. In such cases, the purchaser undertakes to be physically present in the machine and
safeguard security, especially concerning the machine’s mechanical movements, such as transportations or elevations.
The seller shall not assume any responsibility whatsoever derived from the use of the remote connection software by
technical personnel not expressly authorised by the purchaser. The seller also shall not assume any responsibility
whatsoever derived from the use or incorrect use of the programs installed in the machinery computing system, including
protection software such as antivirus or firewalls, or from any operation deficiencies derived from any alteration in the
computers’ operating system set-up or network set-up and connection. Data protection and backup shall be the
purchaser’s exclusive responsibility, including system set-up data. For machinery with remote connection software, a
connection request to the seller for online check through the program shall imply the acceptance of all above. Should the
machinery not have such software, the purchaser shall make the request by telephone or e-mail and must have the
means for the connection available (modem or other), which shall also imply the acceptance of the provisions under


The following shall be considered causes exempting the seller from liability whenever they hinder compliance with the
agreement: labour conflicts and any other circumstances not under the control of the parties, such as fire, social
action, seizure, embargo, insurrection,
insufficiency of transportation means, general material shortage, restrictions in energy use and other similar.


12.1. The place of compliance of the sale agreement shall be the seller’s registered address.
12.2. The parties waiver their own venue and expressly submit to the First Instance Courts of the city of Barcelona. The
law applicable to the agreement shall be the Spanish law, excluding any other and any international treaties and
conventions. In particular, the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 on the international sale of goods shall not apply.


13.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the seller shall be the only ones applicable, especially excluding
those of the purchaser, unless the seller has signed them and they are not in contradiction with, but complement these
13.2. The Spanish and English version of these Terms and Conditions shall be equally authentic. In case of conflict or
gap, the Spanish version shall prevail.
13.3. The General Terms and Conditions may be periodically updated, but in any case those in force and published (in
the website, at the time of execution of the agreement shall apply.


14. All inkjet printers supplied by BARBERAN, S.A. shall be based in this document complementary to the General Terms
and Conditions of Sale (, and the contractual agreements subscribed with the purchaser or client
expressly and in writing.
15. These General Specific Terms and Conditions for the sale of model BIJ inkjet printers do not exclude any of the items
of the previous General Terms and Conditions of Sale of BARBERAN, but complement and specify them as to inkjet
16. All data, plans and other products described in the quotation are merely explanatory, they shall not entail any
obligation by the seller and may be changed or replaced by updated items or data.
17. All technical documentation provided by the seller (BARBERAN, S.A.), as well as any knowledge transmitted to the
client, shall remain confidential as long as the seller considers it appropriate, and shall not become the property of the
client in any case.
18. The seller reserves all rights on the software and hardware included in the installation, and it shall not be allowed in
any case to share information, software or hardware with third parties.
19. The seller shall have online access to the software of the printer acquired by the purchaser for the purposes of
obtaining consumption and performance data to perform technical analyses, improve performance and assess the inks
most suitable for each use. The seller undertakes to keep confidentiality of the details to which it has access through the
described connection and not to use the information for uses other than those specified herein.
The purchaser may request Barberán to disconnect the system of online access to the machine software.
20. Handling of components, software or hardware by persons not authorised by the seller shall not be allowed.
21. All consumables must be used and handled under the express supervision of the seller or authorised personnel
following fully standardised processes.
22. The installation must be located in a expressly prepared area free from dust, ventilated and tempered.
23. Working temperature in the installation may not be in any case under 15ºC or over 30ºC.
24. In case of power failure, transfer of the installation or any other event entailing a change in the installation ambient
conditions, the purchaser shall give sufficient prior notice to the seller to carry out any preventive maintenance tasks on
the installation, which shall be invoiced as per the fees of BARBERÁN, S.A.
25. All inks, cleaning liquids, cleaning procedures, cleaning materials and any other element that by its nature may be in
contact with sensitive elements of the installation shall be supervised and expressly certified by the seller.
26. The installation must have an uninterrupted 240v 1000 w power line.
27. The conservation of inks and other liquids to be used in the installation shall be under strict conservation control as
to temperature, light exposure and expiry date.
28. All personnel authorised to handle elements of the installation must be trained in machine tune-up and maintenance
processes, and in the relevant safety and hygiene precautions. Such training shall be performed by means of a course
taught by personnel of BARBERAN, S.A. at the purchaser’s facilities, during the commissioning period, if those accessory
services have been contracted by the purchaser. In any case, the adequate training of operators and the correct use of
the installation as per the instructions of BARBERAN, S.A. shall be the purchaser’s responsibility.
29. The printing quality accepted by the purchaser shall relate solely and exclusively to tests previously performed at the
facilities of BARBERÁN, S.A. with the inks and materials specified. Any tests performed in other installations or with other
materials may not be used as a reference. Such quality is reflected in the acceptance document or protocol.
30. Any defects in printing due to occasional loss of printing lines, either recoverable or not after a proper cleaning, may
not be claimed to the seller.
31. Printing heads may have slight shade changes, especially noticeable in the printing of one-colour masses, due to
which such designs should be avoided.
32. BIJ digital printers are designed with pre-fixed resolution and point size, and there is no possibility of claim or change
concerning that.
33. The colours and colour range obtained are limited by the ink formulation and its pigment capacity, and there are no
possibilities other than those set by the manufacturer. The seller shall not take liability for any tests performed with inks
not duly confirmed and certified by the head manufacturer.
34. The installation printing capabilities shall always relate to the tests performed in laboratory and the quality obtained
with the purchaser’s parts and the inks certified during the acceptance tests at the seller’s site.
35. To change the ink used in the printer once the machine has been installed, the purchaser shall require technical
assistance from the seller, which shall undertake any tasks necessary so that such change does not damage the machine.
Should the purchaser decide to make a change in the ink used, it shall request the seller, before carrying out the change,
to make any necessary amendments. The purchaser shall bear the personal and material expenses and costs incurred
in by the seller for any preparation works necessary in the machine to be able to use a different ink, which shall be
conveniently budgeted by the seller.
Carrying out the ink change without following the specifications set forth by the seller shall entail a complete loss of the
printer’s guarantee. The seller shall not be liable for any damages in the machine if the purchaser carries out an ink
change without the seller’s advice and/or intervention.
36. Any non-compliance of the purchaser’s obligations shall entail the full or partial loss of the guarantee and service
37. Machine consumables, the useful life of which depends on the use and quality of the maintenance provided, in
particular concerning the ink jet injection heads and their shooting electronics, shall not be covered by the guarantee.
38. Any damage caused by the use of non-certified inks, non-certified cleaning products or damages in the heads shall
entail the full loss of the guarantee.
39. The diagnosis of the items under guarantee shall be the exclusive competence of the seller’s competent personnel.
For such purpose, the seller, with the purchaser’s authorisation, may connect electronically to the installation.


Castelldefells, July 2016