Ready to deliver the fifth digital printer for corrugated industry
New video: Barberán Jetmaster PVC Digital Printing
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Ready to deliver the fifth digital printer for corrugated industry

New Barberán’s Jetmaster printer in Italy _

The italian company Ondapack Sud will be working with the new Jetmaster 1680 by the end of May

Ondapack, a family owned company placed in the south of Italy is ready to receive the state of the art in digital printing technology of Barberán.

During the last month the Ondapack staff was training at Barberán facilities in Castelldefels, Barcelona, in all the technical aspects of the digital printer and developing their skills in image processing, colorimetry and machine maintenance in order to make the machine introduction in their production plant as smooth as possible.

Small production lots of Ondapack’s real customers were made during these days in order to have data of real printing costs with successful results showing the unique flexibility and reliability of this exceptional printing technology in short and medium runs.

Due to Ondapack’s necessities, with a high level of customers in fruit and vegetables market, they will use the most advanced low migration UV inks that Barberan is offering to their customers, keeping a really competitive printing cost. These inks are in accordance with the European Directives as well as with: Nestle Guidance Note on Packaging inks, Swiss Ordinance RS817.023.21 and the European Printing Ink Association (Eupia).

Besides their traditional markets, they will now also be able to increase and address other market segments being able to offer new solutions to the markets which were not possible before and now are a piece of cake thanks to the new digital printer.

The new printer is equipped with four colours CMYK, with a 360 dpi resolution, 1680 mm maximum printing width, and speeds up to 55 lineal meters per minute and it includes as well the Barberán primer station specially designed for corrugated which ensures high quality production and reduces ink consumption.

Company Ondapack looks at the future with great expectations as they stated.