Interview with G7 Master Qualification holders

Achieving Idealliance’s G7 Master Qualification means calibrating company’s printing facilities to strict G7 requirements in order to assure complete control of the entire graphic production process, from proof to print, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and consistency of color matching and quality.

Given the importance of this qualification, we have asked our clients who have achieved it with their Barberán digital printer about their experience:

U.S. Display Group

Greg Moore- President

How does this Certificate add value to your company?

“Now that we have achieved the certification, we have had several customers comment that they are happy that we have become certified. I believe this distinction will become more and more important in the future as more customers and brands become familiar with it.”


DeLine Box & Display

Jeff Putt- General Manager

Which aspects in terms of reliability and verifiability made you choose our company?

“We utilized the talents of the experts at Barberan and Juan Martorell of ColorInLab Color Consulting to help us achieve G7 Certification. This also connects us to the several other companies in the US graphic packaging industry who have Barberan single-pass presses so that we may be ready to produce packaging with them and for them that is accurate across the entire country for the consumer product companies that demand color consistency in their brand messaging.”


Custom Packaging 

Stephanie Shelton- Graphics & Digital Prepress Manager

What made you think Barberán printing line could help you meet all the requirements for achieving the G7 international certificate?

“Once our company bought the Barberan Jetmaster 1680 I contacted them about the G7 Master Qualification. I had come across it during my research and I realized it would be an added benefit to have at Custom Packaging, LP. It would show our clients how much we were dedicated to maximizing our digital printing capabilities. No one had achieved G7 Master Qualification for the Barberan when I inquired about it. As Barberan and I discussed the G7 method, they became positive that we could achieve G7 Master Qualification status. Since the Barberan Jetmaster is a high-quality CMYKOV printer and I had seen what it was capable of printing in terms of color, I knew it was possible too. It took quite a bit of communication between myself and Barberan’s team but before we left for training in Spain, we were all on board with the idea that G7 Master Qualification could be reached with the Barberán Jetmaster.”


Which obstacles did you have to overcome in order to achieve the G7 qualification and in what way did our team get involved?

“When we planned to pursue the G7 Master Qualification, I decided we needed to learn more about the process. If Custom Packaging, LP was going to make this investment with time and resources, then it would also be better to have a G7 Expert in-house so they could become more familiar with the G7 method. It was rare to find G7 Expert’s in corrugated manufacturing facilities and we needed this if we were going to pursue the G7 Master Qualification with the help of the Barberan team. Being the Graphics Manager at Custom Packaging, LP and having over 18 years of experience at the time, I attended Idealliance’s G7 training course, took the test and passed. With 6 months before the printer was installed, I became Custom Packaging, LP’s in-house G7 Expert. Having a new understanding on the G7 method I was able to communicate clearly to Barberan what I needed for us to achieve the certification. Since our Barberan was still being built in Spain, I made sure I had the tools and knowledge in place so we were ready. I worked with Barberán Jetmaster’s color specialist, Isaac Contreras, over the next few months. Then, when we went to Spain to see our new printer and to receive training, they also brought in Juan Martorell of Color In Lab, who helped train me, worked with me and helped us achieve G7 Master Qualification on our Barberan Jetmaster. Custom Packaging, LP became the first owner of the Barberan Jetmaster to achieve this certification. Our company had put in the determination, time and investment but it was Barberan’s resources, staff and the Jetmaster’s capabilities that helped us reach our goal and get the certification. From my point of view, it’s been an exciting year and despite the usual bumps in the road, it was all worth it to see the Barberan Jetmaster running in our facility and knowing we were the first owners of the Barberan Jetmaster to receive the G7 Master Qualification.”