New Jetmaster digital printing line in Spain
Taking it to the next level

New Jetmaster digital printing line in Spain

The startup of a new Jetmaster 1260 installation at company Barinsa, located in Santa Barbara (Tarragona), has just finished.
Barinsa goes for digital printing with Barberán’s Single Pass technology after evaluating its huge advantages.

The Jetmaster 1260 delivered inTarragona is the fourth in Spain and the sixth in the world of this type, in addition to those already established in Brazil, Russia, USA, Belgium and Australia, which are 210 up to 1860 mm wide.

It is dedicated for printing on rigid substrates coatings, murals, decorative panels, furniture auxiliary industry, contract …, opening the decoration and advertising digital printing market.

The Jetmaster 1260 digital printer heads do their job without being in contact with substrate’s surface, working on a print width up to 1260 mm at maximum 55 m / min depending on the design characteristics. It can achieve to print nearly 3200 m2 of high quality boards per hour.

Barberán´s digital printers can be equipped with 6 colors, CMYK, Light Cyan and Light Magenta to manage an extraordinary balance of color with the most natural color reproduction. The result: higher optical resolution with better defined light shades as well as softer transition from one color to another.
The Jetmaster works with UV inks, which allow an excellent dot expansion control, and three different dot sizes so that four gray scales are available for sharper, brighter prints and vivid colors.

Barberán offers the highest print quality at the lowest cost in “Single Pass” industrial digital printing lines up to 2200mm width.

Barinsa`s Jetmaster 1260 digital printer includes a primer and a UV top coat application station in line, becoming an “All in One Solution” for surface treatment, printing and finishing.In addition to the Jetmaster line, Barinsa has acquired an advanced digital design environment that will allow them to reproduce existing textures and materials as well as their own collections.
All it delivered by Barberán S.A., the industry leader in digital printing solutions.