Exclusive technology Ensures the best registration, definition and precision, printing really sharp images and texts. The exclusive technology enables a perfect control over the drop expansion and penetration. Contact us

No contact Technology

Barberán’s contact free system increases the printing possibilities, high speed over any surface.

Single-Pass technology makes your production capacity more flexible and enlarges the quantity of designs you offer currently. 

You will be able to react very fast to trend changes in the market and attend better customer’s demands in matters of design and production quantities. 

New sensations

  • Deeps blacks
  • Brilliant colors

Just in time production

  • Flexibility & speed
  • Reliability

Wide range of colors & effects

to personalize your Jetmaster printer

  • Light Magenta, light cyan or light black or orange & violet
  • Soft transitions

Slide Exclusive technology Ensures the best registration,
definition & precision
Reliable industrial solution Pressurized clean room From 4 to 8 colors Construction of highest quality
and robustness
Stable temperature
and air filtration
Wider gamut range
G7 Certification ready
Recirculation Ink system Increased resolution
Smaller droplets
Ink drying process Ensures the correct size of each drop, control dot expansion and color mixing

Discover Barberan EIR

An innovative technology in digital texture generation over rigid substrates.

Texture that can be seen and felt.

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