High speed Single-Pass technology Digital printing technology designed for industrial applications. Highest quality, high resolution, high speed, up to 50 m/min on wood & up to 120 m/min on corrugated Applications

Inspection system

Jetmaster inspection camera has been developed in cooperation with AVT Inspection Systems and offers an automatic adjustment of alignment, tonality and missing compensation.

The system identifies all types of printing and production faults:

Automated workflow

A multi-user solution based on cloud connectivity, permits the printing companies to decentralize the prepress tasks and to share advanced color resources within the customer’s ecosystem.

Integrate prepress and color management tools in a single platform.

Open ink market policy

One of the advantages of the Barberán Jetmaster printer.

Different approved suppliers offer low metamerism inks, and low migration inks that comply  with Eupia, Nestle and Swiss Ordinance R.S.817.023.21

Feeding system

Special for Jetmaster corrugated lines, the feeder has a fully automatic positioning, adjustable vacuum xones for warped cardboards, single or double feeding and an interactive control panel, easy to work.

Stacker system

The unloading system for corrugated lines is equipped with a diverter at the entrance of the stacker that ejects the defective sheets detected by the printer inspection camera.  The system also has a variable shingling section depending on the flute to improve the stack quality.

"EMEP and Barberán collaborate on complementary machine for making the most complete solution for any project you may have " "Esko helps its customers to make the best packaging for billions of consumers. Esko solutions touch 9 out of 10 retail packages worldwide. And now, they are collaborating with Barberán in a solution to automate the pre-press workflow" "One of the Jetmaster advantages is the ink open market, we have been working together for a long time" "The partnership between A Tonal and Barberán has been a success and a fast expansion across the South American Continent with the Digital Printer Jetmaster" "SAKATA INX group is a certified ink supplier for Barberán Jetmaster. We can provide the ink and support for North America, South America, Asia and Europe. We are very proud of long and good relationship with the Barberán Jetmaster team" "Along the years, Barberán and Toyo Ink have developed a strong partnership based on common values such as: reliability, innovation and trust, our core drivers to better serve packaging and decorative markets"
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